Daisy Outdoor Products 25 Pump Gun (Brown/Black, 36.5 Inch)

The product is Model 25 Pump Air Rifle
Easy and simple use kit
The product is manufactured in China

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Daisy, Fashion 25 Pump Air Gun, A New Remake Of A Nostalgic Daisy Classic, Which Was once At the start First Produced In 1913-1914, Options Pump Action, Spring Loaded Shot Tube, .177 Caliber BB’s Handiest, 50 Shot Capability. Most Velocity Is 350 Feet Per 2d, Boxed.
At the start presented via Daisy in 1914, the Fashion 25 pump gun remained a part of the corporate’s air gun lineup thru 1978. Now the Fashion 25 is back once more, with a pump-action spring design that shoots BBs at as much as 350 feet per 2d. The Fashion 25 is supplied with such Options as a stained forged-wooden pistol grip stock and forearm grip, a steel body development, and a removable screw-in shot tube. The rear sight, that’s adjustable for windage and elevation, will also be flipped from open/iron attractions to peep attractions, giving the Fashion 25 further versatility. Daisy tops off the weapon with Ornamental engraving at the receiver.


  • Action: Pump action, spring air
  • Sights: Open/iron and peep entrance, adjustable rear
  • Safety: Trigger block
  • Muzzle velocity: 350 feet per 2d
  • Caliber: .177 caliber (four.5mm) BB
  • Stock/forearm/grip: Stained forged wooden
  • Barrel: Smooth bore steel
  • Max shooting distance: 195 yards
  • Capacity: 50 shot
  • Receiver: Ornamental embossed steel
  • Length: 37 inches

The product is Fashion 25 Pump Air Rifle
Simple and easy use kit
The product is manufactured in China
Pump-action air gun with spring air action
.177-caliber BB ammo with steel smooth bore barrel
Most velocity of 350 feet per 2d
Stained forged-wooden pistol grip stock and forearm grip
Turn-up peep or open rear sight, adjustable for windage and elevation


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