Crosman BABPNBX Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Arrow velocity 450 feet per second
168 foot-pounds of energy
Includes 3 arrows with field tips and 6x40mm scope

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow brings cutting edge era to PCP airguns. A precharged pneumatic powered by way of 3000 PSI of compressed air combined with an built-in force regulator permits the Pioneer Airbow to ship 8 consistent, complete power photographs at 450 ft per 2nd. Precision is added to power with its floating barrel that includes a patent pending stabilizing gadget. The Pioneer Airbow supplies a Bullpup configuration with a brief 33.five” total period and likewise supplies an ambidextrous most sensible cocking bolt. Included are 3 customized arrows with box pointers, a 6×40 mm scope, a sling, and on gun quiver gadget.
Arrow velocity 450 ft per 2nd
168 foot-pounds of power
Contains 3 arrows with box pointers and 6x40mm scope
Adjustable purpose supplies parallax settings shape five-seventy five yards
Fast detach on gun quiver gadget


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