Champion EasyHit 2.5mm Diameter Shotgun Sight

Quickly and safely acquire sight picture
Fits any ventilated, solid rib or flat surface
Can be mounted to ported barrels

Champion Traps & Goals—in partnership with global-renown exhibition shooter Tom Knapp—introduces the EasyHit Fiber Optic Sighting System. This fiber-optic sight attaches by means of an adhesive strip to any ventilated or cast rib or flat floor (and ported barrels) and is low profile as not to modification your point of have an effect on. The hollow tube design is helping shooters use each eyes whilst obtaining their sight picture. It is the most secure and very best option to shoot.
Temporarily and safely achieve sight picture
Fits any ventilated, cast rib or flat floor
Can also be fastened to ported barrels
Permits shooters to stay each eyes open and care for just right shape
To be had in 2.5mm & 3mm diameter fluorescent inexperienced and purple and in each 2.seventy five” and five” lengths


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