Canon 18×50 Image Stabilization All-Weather Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap & Batteries

18x magnification
Built-in optical image stabilization uses 2 AA batteries
Wide, extra-bright field of view

pHigh-Power, Large Binoculars Perfect for Star Gazing or When You Cant Get Close Enough. (Featuring an Image Stabilizer and All-Weather design). With its wide 50mm objective lenses and high magnification,these rugged, all-weather Canon Image Stabilizer binoculars are destined to set a new and higher benchmark for image brightness, clarity and ergonomic design./p
Canon’s 18×50 IS binoculars incorporate an optical image stabilizer for shake-free viewing and minimal eye fatigue. This technology used to be first developed for Canon video camcorders and is now to be had in many of Canon’s binoculars. The system employs a Vari-Angle Prism, dual transparent plates, independent vertical and horizontal sensors, and a dedicated microprocessor to ceaselessly adjust the prism to handle a steady image.

The 18×50 IS binoculars feature a water-resistant, shock-resistant rubber coating for a nonslip grip and better durability. When you get caught within the rain and still wish to view, you shouldn’t have to worry about the optics fogging up. These binoculars deliver high magnification and wide-field viewing. Controls for focusing and image stabilization are centrally positioned and accessible by both hands. These binoculars provide long eye relief for extra comfort.

Image Stabilization and More
With any high magnification binoculars, most users will experience frustrating image shake. Unless fixed to a tripod, image shake can render high magnification binoculars unnecessary. Canon’s IS technology is remarkably effective at getting rid of this problem and is widely used by the tv industry with Canon’s professional broadcast quality video recording equipment. A special VAP (Vari-Angle Prism) corrective IS system sits between the objective lens group and the porro prism on every side of the binoculars. Within thousandths of a second of the binoculars being moved from their optical axis by vibrations, a detection system activates the IS mechanism. The VAP shape alters to refract or ‘bend’ the light path by precisely the correct quantity, thus fully compensating for the vibration. It’s this essentially immediate response that effectively suppresses image shake.

Super Spectra Coating
A variety of optical factors impact the brightness of an image, including the amount of incidental light that may be reflected by the lens. An uncoated lens will refelect away up to 8% of the incidentail light, significantly dimming the image. Canon’s Super Spectra Coating prevents that reflection.

What do the numbers mean?
15×50? 8×25? The two numbers used to describe any pair of binoculars are their magnification — 8x, 12x, 15x and so forth — and the diameter of their objective lenses — 25mm, 36mm, 50mm, and so forth. The larger the first number is, the larger the object will seem to be within the objective lens. As an example, When you use a 10x lens and have a look at an object that may be 100 yards away, apparently to be the similar size as an object positioned just 10 yards away. The second one number, the size of the objective lens, is vital since the larger the objective lens, the more light it may well admit for brighter, more detailed images, and the better suited they’ll be for lowlight situations.

A look inside

18x magnification
Built-in optical image stabilization uses 2 AA batteries
Wide, extra-bright field of view
Lenses are multi-coated for contrast, clarity, and color fidelity
Shock and water-resistant


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