Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft 2

Dual-frame design disperses a maximum amount of recoil energy
18 inches of adjustment to fit riles and shotguns of virtually any size
Baffled Tray keeps lead shot bags in place and holds up to 100 pounds of lead shot, sand or other material

The brand new Caldwell lead sled dft 2 (Twin-frame era) has been re-designed to offer shooters with the trade’s absolute best recoil relief system and the flexibility to suit just about any shotgun or rifle, all built around a precision shooting platform. Whether or not you are attempting to shoot the very tightest imaginable teams along with your rifle or patterning your favourite shotgun, the lead sled dft 2 supplies an optimal platform for shooting with out the unwanted effects of recoil.
Twin-frame design disperses a most quantity of recoil power
18 inches of adjustment to suit riles and shotguns of almost any measurement
Baffled Tray helps to keep lead shot luggage in place and holds as much as 100 pounds of lead shot, sand or different subject matter
Complex non-marring shock eliminator era rear pad
2.5 inches of elevation adjustment


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