Burris Veracity Riflescope

Veracity 2-10x42mm
Ballistic E1 FFP
30mm main tube

The Burris Veracity combines confirmed Burris engineering with cutting-edge refinements that can assist you capture prairie predators, elusive elk, or bad game. The brand new 5 times zoom machine yields a large field of view and robust ranging capabilities. Entrance focal airplane reticles permit you to correctly compute distances at any magnification, even as providing you with each trajectory and windage reference issues. Correct and repeatable 1/four MOA changes permit for fine-tuning and Facet adjustable parallax permits you to right away modify even as keeping up your shooting position.
Veracity 2-10x42mm
Ballistic E1 FFP
30mm major tube
Facet center of attention and parallax adjustment
True 0 click prevent adjustment knobs


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