Burris Eliminator III Reticle Laser Scope, 3X-12X – 44mm

Covered under Warranty for life
Made using the highest quality materials
Tested for complete quality and reliability

The Burris Eliminator III is essentially the most complicated riflescope in the world. The graceful, light-weight design is strong and able for action, ranging and knocking down objectives out to 1,two hundred+ yards. Exact trajectory reimbursement is calculated on your precise ammunition and Vary. Use the illuminated aiming point to take down game even in low-mild stipulations. The X96 reticle is correct at any magnification and gives a easy way for calculating wind hold-off. The Eliminator III delivers extreme accuracy at extreme levels.
Coated beneath Guaranty for lifestyles
Made the use of the best quality fabrics
Tested for complete high quality and reliability
Eliminator III 3-12x44mm Laser Scope
X96 Reticle
1,two hundred+ yards ranging capacity
Parallax adjustment 50 yards to infinity
Enhanced Extreme Vary Ballistic Programming


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