Bullet Weights Ultra Steel Bullet Weights Sinker Kit (Natural, 60 Piece Kit)

Longer lasting Ultra Steel; Retains its shape better,
Less oxidized build-up; Improved snag resistance
Less bulk than other non-lead materials

Our authentic weights at the moment are higher than ever with Ultra Metal. In 1995 Bullet Weights offered Ultra Metal fishing sinkers. Ultra Metal weights be offering better sensitivity with a worth related to guide sinkers. The Ultra Metal Bullet Weights Equipment contains those sizes: 1/sixteen, 1/8, 3/sixteen, ¼, 3/8, ½ ounce. (General of 60 items.)
Longer lasting Ultra Metal; Keeps its form higher,
Much less oxidized build-up; Advanced snag resistance
Much less bulk than different non-lead fabrics
Blank chamfered holes;
Colour: Herbal; Equipment incorporates a complete of 60 items: (24) 1/sixteen ounce; (12) 1/8 ounce; (nine) 3/sixteen ounce; (nine) 1/four ounce; (four) 3/8 ounce; (2) half of ounce


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