Browning Hell’s Canyon 4-in-1 Primaloft Parka

Quiet Pre-Vent shell fabric is waterproof, windproof and breathable
All seams are taped for 100% waterproof protection
Mesh lining in upper body and taffeta in lower body and sleeves

hile nearly each and every mountain range has a location of this name, the Hell’s Canyon positioned in Utah’s rugged Wasatch Mountains deserves its name more than many. It has a reputation for holding giant mule deer, and for being nearly unimaginable to seek because of horrific terrain and thick brush. Old timers hunted this country in heavy canvas and leather. Whilst these materials resisted tears and abrasions, they were noisy, heavy, soaked up water and provided very little insulation. Fortunately, way to Browning’s brand new fabrications and technology, all this has changed. RUGGED, WEATHER-RESISTANT, QUIET The brand new Browning Hell’s Canyon hunting apparel was once engineered with three things in mind: Ruggedness, weather-resistance and quietness. The three-layer fleece fabric is built to resist the punishment of places like Hell’s Canyon, where the abuse from jagged rocks and twisted branches will destroy lesser fabrics. It is usually 100% windproof and highly water-proof to care for any conditions, all Whilst being soft and quiet enough to keep from alerting wary game, allowing you to be aware of the hunt as a substitute of what you might be wearing. Hell’s Canyon lightweight camouflage is an crucial a part of any serious big game hunter’s out of doors kit. MOVE UNDETECTED Along with the ultra quiet short knap fleece exterior, to be able to reduce your scent signature, Odorsmart anti-bacterial technology is built into the lining. The 4-in-1 parka concept could also be regarded as “old school” but not only does it work, it really works extremely well. Hell’s Canyon takes the idea that to the following level by getting rid of weight and bulk, and adding features for enhanced performance. The reversible zip-out liner features Primaloft insulation that ensures maximum warmth with minimum weight.
Quiet Pre-Vent shell fabric is water-proof, windproof and breathable
All seams are taped for 100% water-proof protection
Mesh lining in upper body and taffeta in lower body and sleeves
Detachable hood is fully adjustable for complete protection from the elements
All external pocket zippers have garages or pocket flaps to prevent water entry


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