Booms Fishing R2 Squeeze-Out Hook Remover

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 &nbsp10.8/11 inches in period is appropriate for disposing of hooks from such a lot fish.Smooth chrome steel tube is durable and
rust-resistant in both contemporary and saltwater.The 7 inches is compact and convenient,You’ll placed it into pocket.

  The ergonomic plastic deal with supplies relaxed and stable grip. permits anglers twist the wrist simply within the process
of disposing of hook.

    Extremely Helpful for Deeply Swallowed Hook
   You’ll stick longer tool in upto 8 inches, great for disposing of the ones deeply embedded hooks from bass or pickerel
with out being harm by sharp teeth. But even so, you most effective want to squeeze the deal with, then hook out of fish, damage is
very small.

 &nbsp1#For fish:A few fish swallow hook very deeply, so here is the tool to get the hook out safely and conveniently
with minimal stress and no more harm to fish.
  2#For anglers:Its long body(8 inches) can save you your fingers being scratched or harm by fish teeth.

   Fundamental Parameters
  Dimension:10.8*3*1.2 inches/10*3.1*1.2inches/7*2.8*1.4 inches
  Subject material:Stainless Steel&Nickel Plated/Aluminum/ABS Plastic


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