Bomar Style Fully Adjustable White Dot Rear Sight

Fully Adjustable Target Blade
Precision CNC Machined
Bomar Style Sight Dovetail

LPA/ Fusion Professional-Series Bomar Taste rear adjustable sight for 1911 colt Taste pistols. This rear fit target sight assembly comes whole with a white dot 45 stage chamfer (blade Corner) target/fit blade. This sight is Skilled high quality, Machined from bar stock and black oxide end. The dovetail is made for the usual 60 stage x .359 bomar dovetail cut. The blade notch is .116 wide fit target width. This sight is whole with elevation screw, spring, allen wench and adjustment instrument. This LPA Bomar Taste attractions does no longer require drilling and tapping of the slide. The elevation screw is integral to the dovetail base, saving further machining time. However, you’ll use this sight in each slides which might be drilled and taped or aren’t. The dovetail base additionally accommodates 2 locking screws, to safely lock the sight assembly in place within the dovetail. That is the preferred adjustable sight platform for Bullseye and subtle target shooting. A few fitting is also required. Will work with such a lot all sizes, makes and models of 1911 pistols and clones with bomar sight cuts A Fusion Firearms Professional-Series, Skilled Gunsmithing phase.
Absolutely Adjustable Target Blade
Precision CNC Machined
Bomar Taste Sight Dovetail


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