Barska Paris Book Lock Box with Combination Lock

Features a solid steel construction in a compact lightweight design
Compact safe is disguise to appear like a hard back book
Interior features a strong compact steel safe

This distinctive diversion lock box permits you to hide valuables within a often found item in a home. Hidden on this lock box is a great steel protected in a compact light-weight design. Since the diversion lock box look so real they easily blend into the environment of a home or workplace. No person however you’ll ever know that this on a regular basis simple objects is in point of fact a lock box in disguise. Valuables will also be hidden secretly within this look-a-like diversion lock box and kept in it is apparently rightful place. Ideal for safely storing small valuables such as cash, passports and jewellery. Sponsored by a One-Year Restricted Warranty.Inner Size: 3.75 x 1.5 x 6.5
Includes a solid steel construction in a compact light-weight design
Compact protected is disguise to look like a troublesome back book
Interior Includes a robust compact steel protected
Easily moveable design that may be stored and hidden in simple view for safekeeping
Includes a resettable combination lock, Ideal for safely hiding valuables, storing cash, passports and jewellery


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