BaitCloud Fish Attractant (Tube of 3)

How To Use BaitCloud: Simply toss the BaitCloud ball into the water within the location you want to fish. Next to a dock, close to a weed edge, or into your ice fishing hole. BaitCloud will begin to stimulate fish straight away, and continue to draw fish long after it has fully dissolved. The speed at which it dissolves is dependent upon a few factors, like water currents and temperature. The scent effects regularly last 1-2 hours. Please take a look at local rules and regulations before the use of this product. Anise: A time tested formula and a favourite among Pike fisherman, these anise scented balls will spice up your probabilities of luck by releasing a highly concentrated cloud of unmistakable scent. Coffee: This all natural coffee attractant creates a robust, dark cloud which lingers in still water and disperses slowly in a current. Absolute best for all scenarios and water clarity. Corn: Made with natural corn oil in addition to flecks of real corn, this light yellow ball is Absolute best for focused on trout and carp. Crayfish: Designed with the bass fisherman in mind. Extremely concentrated scent with a natural red dye which leave a ‘blood path’ within the water. Garlic: BaitCloud Garlic is our such a lot pungent attractant thus far. Ideal for fishing larger areas or when looking to make a large stink. Tournament Shad: The BaitCloud Tournament Series has no mess balls containing Bio-Glitter, a bio-degradable, iridescent glitter that mimics the scales falling off of a fleeing or injured fish. Tournament compliant. Does now not contain “are living bait” or “prepared bait”. Concentrated formula of scent, amino acids and of course happening enzymes combined with the bubbling reaction, trigger feeding instincts in predatory fish.


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