ATN PS28 Scope, 3P

Waterproof Product
Lightweight and rugged
Resistance to severe conditions

The following generation of our fashionable PS22 night vision clip-on line. The PS28 provides your daytime scope Night Vision capacity in an issue of seconds. The ATN PS-28 mounts in front of a daytime scope to permit night-time operation. No shift of have an effect on, no want to rezeronor modification of eye relief happens. The ATN PS-28 uses the up to date in symbol intensifier tube technology for remarkable Answer and function. Options: – Simply adjustments daytime scope to Night Vision – Water resistant – Light-weight and rugged – Speedy catadioptric front lens system – Mounts in front of daytime scope, no re-zeroing required – Automatic Brightness Regulate – Resistance to severe stipulations – Comes with Fast Unlock Mount Specifications: – Total Darkness IR System: Yes – IIT Generation: 3P – Answer: 64-seventy two lp/mm – Signal to Noise Ratio: 25-30 – Figure of Benefit: 1800 Conventional – MTTF (Mean Time Before Failure): 10,000 Hours – Magnification: 1x – Dioptre Adjustment: No – Controls: Direct – Automatic Brightness Regulate: Yes – Bright Gentle Cut-Off: Yes – Infrared Illuminator: Detachable – IR Indicator: No – Low Battery Indicator: No – Power Provide: 1 x 3V(CR123A) – Battery Life: 50 Hours – Environmental Rating: Water resistant – Operating Temperature: -40 Degree to +122 Degree – Storage Temperature: -58 Degree to +158 Degree.
Water resistant Product
Light-weight and rugged
Resistance to severe stipulations


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