American Fishing Wire Single Barrel Crimp Sleeves

Brass/Copper Material
For use with Wire, mono or other leader materials
Burr-free, Non-Abrasive finish

Sleeves are manufactured from Copper or Brass and are to be had Nickel plated and Black oxidized. Sleeves may also be suited to Twine, monofilament, and different quite a lot of strains. While matching sleeves to Twine, use unmarried-barrel sleeves with an inside of diameter of greater than two times the Twine diameter you’re crimping. Burr-loose nonabrasive end blended with Top Power and corrosion resistance makes AFW’s sleeves the most well liked number of skilled chief, trap, and take on producers.
Brass/Copper Subject material
To be used with Twine, mono or different chief fabrics
Burr-loose, Non-Abrasive end
Top Power
Corrosion Resistant


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