3M Peltor Shotgunner Hearing Protector

Noise Reduction Rating of 21 dB
Tapered cup for trap and skeet shooters
Liquid / foam filled ear cushions; Adjustable headband for a perfect fit

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Peltor ShotGunner Hearing Protectors give 21 decibel protection on the planet’s lightest folding protector design Effective hearing protection that would possibly not weigh you down! Peltor ShotGunners pack a slim, sleek design that would possibly not interfere along with your stock, would possibly not weigh you down as you blast during the trap and skeet rounds. And that is Peltor quality we’re talking about. No other hearing protection manufacturer meets the needs of shooters slightly like AOSafety Peltor. Fueled by over 40 years of experience, these ShotGunners are designed with comfort in mind, so highly-effective hearing protection is imaginable without sacrificing comfort. More: NRR 21dB… tested in and by a NVLAP accredited facility; World’s lightest weight folding hearing protector; Tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter reduces gun stock interference; Liquid / foam filled ear cushions; Adjustable headband for a super fit. The hearing protection number of law enforcement, the military and shooters all over the place the world may also be your choice too! Order As of late! AOSafety Peltor ShotGunner Hearing Protectors


Great for trap and skeet shooters (view larger).

The Peltor Shotgunner hearing protector from 3M (model 97011) is a compact muff with low-profile cups and folding headband. Featuring a tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter, the Shotgunner helps minimize gun stock interference. It also features liquid/gel-filled cushions for comfortable all-day wear.

Passive Hearing Protectors

Fueled by years of experience, the 3M Peltor Passive Hearing Protector product line has expanded to include a full range of hearing protectors designed for protection without sacrificing comfort. The product line also includes models for listening and affect noise. 3M Peltor Passive Hearing Protectors are tested in NVLAP-accredited facilities.

Why Use Hearing Protection?

Hearing loss as a result of noise is almost entirely preventable by judicious use of hearing protection. To determine which hearing protection products are right for you, try different devices from the big variety to be had As of late. You’ll want to carefully read the instructions — hearing protection will have to fit properly and be worn as it should be to do the job.

Hearing protector effectiveness is laid out in a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), normally ranging from 15 to 35 decibels. In practice, the protection that in most cases may also be achieved is about 10 to 20 decibels. The more carefully you fit and wear hearing protectors, the higher your protection shall be.


About 3M Peltor

3M Peltor Brand started more than 50 years ago and boasts a broad number of personal safety products designed for shooters and hunters. From tactical hearing protection and earplugs to eye protection, the 3M Peltor Brand offers quality products, innovative technology and materials designed for comfort, fit and performance.

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97011 Shotgunner Hearing Protector, Black

At a Glance
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 21 dB
  • Tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter
  • Helps minimize gun stock interference
  • Liquid/gel-filled cushions
  • Folds for simple storage
  • Assembled in USA
Suggested Applications
  • Prevent hearing loss against certain noises
  • Overall ear/hearing protection
  • Offers very good noise reduction

Noise Reduction Rating of 21 dB
Tapered cup for trap and skeet shooters
Liquid / foam filled ear cushions; Adjustable headband for a super fit
Minimizes gun stock interferences
Made in the usA.


























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