13 Fishing Ultra Light Tickle Stick

13 Fishing is proud to introduce the NEW Tickle Stick Ice rod series, a revolutionary ice fishing rod which renders spring bobbers obsolete. Yes, that may be right, no more cutting, taping, melting, having them roll over, or not take a seat straight. You’ll flick your remaining spring bobber supply from last season at your mates tinkering with theirs, because you are going to never have to care for every other spring bobber again. There is not any doubt that spring bobbers have been an invaluable tool for ice fishermen by permitting them to detect very subtle strikes that would differently go unnoticed. But for the reason that bite can only be seen and not felt, countless strikes go unnoticed by momentarily distracted anglers each season. That is where the Tickle Stick changes the sport by broadening the angler’s ability to react to a strike visually, but in addition by feel; all without the headaches associated with the use of a spring bobber. The Tickle Stick’s PC2 (Parallel Composite Construction) linear fibers allowed 13 designers to create a fully flat tip which does two things: · It drastically increases the angler’s ability to detect ascending and descending strikes to levels never before conceivable with current ice fishing technology. · It adds extreme rigidity to the blank by getting rid of the spine. This prevents the rod from rolling and ensures that each hook set drives the hook straight in the course of the top of the mouth. You don’t seem to be bringing a knife to a gun fight if you have the Tickle Stick in hand. The ability packed mid and butt section make it possible for you’re in full keep an eye on, even with northern pike seeking to wreak havoc on the other end of the line. On the subject of hardware, the Tickle Stick comes with a custom Evolve® MYOLTM reel seat and stainless steel Evolve® Flare guides. The flare guides are specifically designed to shed water off of the line reducing issues associated with water and ice buildup.


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