100 High Performance Replacement Shock Collar O-rings Broadheads Arrowheads

Color: Black
Package Quantity: 100pcs
Perfect for broadheads with blades.

Reduce Blades Open
These shock collar will last more and cut back the risk of premature blade opening. We have now tested them the blades did not deploy till hitting target

Increase Sturdiness of Arrowheads
In addition they take in the “shock” of the blades after they open and stay the blades away from breaking on onerous hits. And so they additionally do work on crossbows

Hot New Sale
Our top performance shock collar rings are new from the manufacturer. Are compatible each Rage & Kore knock off heads. They Are compatible all of the rage broadheads they’ve all worked flawlessly for you with rage hypodermics

Tips for Storage
It must store within the shade and steer clear of very long time daylight for maximum quality.
Colour: Black
Package Amount: 100pcs
Best possible for broadheads with blades.
It is going to stay blades closed within the shooting.
These shock collar save you crossbow broadheads reliably.


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