10-40×50 ,SWAT, 30mm,IR Mil Dot, 5″ Shade

The Lucky Duck Combo Pack

Baskas 3d geeaio of SWAT sipe sope offes ousadig pefomae, impessive feaues advert ugged osuio makes hem a ubeaabe vaue. Peisio adjusmes advert fousig ae ahieved wih a fas fous eyebe, fas aess zoom magifiaio ig, exea simple-gip age-sye okabe widage advert eevaio united states a facet ue-moued paaax adjusme. Wih is haispiig auay advert impessive fuy mui-oaed opis fo isp ea photographs, SWAT is concept fo vami advert og-age shooig. Bui o opeae ude he mos demadig odiios, SWAT pefoms biiay i exemey ow o top empeaue odiios. The 30mm mooube feaues a shokpoof top impa aed desig o wihsad epeaed abuse. CO2 dy ioge puged advert o-ig seaed fo ompee waepoof / fogpoof poeio.Feaues- five/eight top see-hough igs – 5 sushade o poe agais gae – Fip-up es oves o poe he eses fom di o dusSpeifiaios- Mode # AC10550 – Magifiaio 10-40x – Objeive Les 50mm – Waepoof Sure – Fogpoof Sure – Reie Mi Do IR – Exi Pupi 5.zero-1.3mm – Opia Coaig Fuy Mui-Coaed – Fied of View ([email protected]/[email protected]) 9.four/[email protected], 2.6/[email protected] – Eye Reief 3.6 ih – Cik Vaue 1/eight” – Adjusme Kob Facet adj. paaax, simple-gip, age-sye widage advert eevaio – Tube Diamee 30mm – Fiish Bak Mae – Weigh 31.4 ounces. – Legh 16.25 – Iuded Aessoies Fip-Up Sope Caps, five” Su-Color, Mouig Rigs, Les Coh advert Baeymaufaue o AC10550ba ode 790272977208maufaue Baska Opisshippig dimesios weigh 1.95 dimesioa weigh 3 (w) x3 (h) x17.38 (d)
The Fortunate Duck Mixture %


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