5 hunting hacks

5 Easy Hunting Hacks

Practice in Your Gear

Practicing in your gear is the easiest way to make sure everything fits properly and doesn’t hinder your ability to hunt. You might also have to adjust how you hunting with bulky clothes, gloves, or rain gear. You don’t want to potentially miss out on kill because your gear gets in the way.

Learn to pace yourself

Keep something that jingles like keys in your pocket before you start your hunting to remind yourself to move slower. When you hear the noise, you’ll know to slow down and focus on keeping quiet so you don’t scare away game.

DIY Scent Absorber

Keep hunting gear scent free with charcoal. Put a perforated container filled with charcoal bricks in your gear to absorb any odors. You can also change clothes when you get to the hunting spot to reduce the risk of carrying odors from your car or from sweat.

Set up decoys

Make deer or other prey feel more confident by placing decors around your hunting blind. You can use other deer or birds like crows and blue heron to keep them calm and less suspicious of your hunting area.

Dry Your Boots Faster

Stuff your boots with newspaper and lay them on their side. The newspaper will help absorb the moisture. Laying your boots on their side will help with airflow and speed up dry time.

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