3 Ways To Avoid CrossBow Injuries

With the rise in popularity among hunters using crossbows you think people would be telling each other how easily it is to mangle your fingers. Yet every year we come across social media posts of mangled fingers or graphite getting stuck in hunter’s skin.

Here are 3 proper safety precautions to take before using your crossbow next:

Remove Hand From Rail

The most prevalent crossbow injury we see every year happens with both new crossbow users and experienced hunters. The wandering hand should always be off the rail to avoid getting hit by the bow or arrow in some models.

Monitor Bolts

Bolts are often made from graphite. While this helps to remove weight from the bow it is not the most sturdy of materials. If the bolt is cracked it might shard when under the pressure of a shot and could leave you with some unwanted graphite deposits in your eye or skin.

Do not dry-fire

Dry-Firing your crossbow can lead to disaster not only for your bow but also you. Be sure to buy a crossbow with an anti dry-fire mechanism or get a scope mount that prevents dry-firing. Most well made crossbows will have this built in but lesser models may not.

The most important thing to remember is to be smart out hunting. The tool you are using is often meant to kill a large animal. So you might not want to have it cocked walking around pointing at your foot.

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