3 Tips for Hunting Winter Whitetails

Hunting in the winter provides for own unique set of obstacles and benefits. Here are 3 tips for Hunting Winter Whitetails:

Plan your hunting days around not the best weather. Often a light rain or even some flurries can make for perfect hunting conditions. The gentle rain or snow can help mask your sound, scent and even your motion. Furthermore, deer tend to be out and about more so during these weather conditions. Couple the precipitation with some wind and the deer will be less likely to notice your movement with the swaying branches and tree sounds.

The obvious benefit of the winter is snow tracks. Be sure to follow all snow tracks even if they seem to be old. You are not looking specifically for the deer that made the tracks but more so the trail that other deer may be using. Following these trails often leads to watering holes or other great spots for hunting winter whitetails.

Watering holes are a perfect place to find some winter whitetails especially for still-hunters. Deer tend to move along watercourses and even to a greater extent in the winter. Try to find a trail that parallels a creek and you will be in for some good hunting. The moving water can also help hide your sound.
Remember go slow and then go slower!

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